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Basic package

  • Export contacts
  • Basic Statistics
  • 1 address and 3 access points
  • Individual page design

Extended Package

  • Sending messages
  • Advanced statistics
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • The functions "Polls" and "Advertising"
  • Individual page design

16,5 $ / month

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Full package

  • Custom Services
  • The device is included in the kit

40 $ / month

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How does it work


The user finds an already configured access point for your organization.

Network search wi fi


It is registered with the help of the proposed social networks: it makes a repost of an advertising post or is shared by a record using a unique hashtag.

Connectivity wi-fi


Gets access to free Wi-Fi and personal offers from your company.

Access wifi


statistics statistic vertical


Authorization by law

Authorization by SMS, call and vouchers. Every Wi-Fi user is identified in accordance with the law.

Branded Page

You get a handy start page designer for Wi-Fi, with ready-made page templates

Internet settings

The cabinet will allow you to configure restrictions for network users: the speed of the Internet channel, the time of the session.

Advancement in soc. networks

Integration with social networks VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram and promotion: repost of your company on the user's wall and much more.

Monitoring of equipment

You can remotely check from the service control panel, if all access points are working.

Real-time statistics

Display of visitors statistics in real time. You will know at what time and what type of people your Wi-Fi is using.

Creation and management of the CRM database

Increase sales levels, optimize marketing and customer service improvements.

Powerful Statistics Module

Provides rich opportunities for complex processing of accumulated statistical information about the use of the service

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